Der Marinemaler!     maritime fine art0

Like a captain of a merchant ship, Andreas Kruse fits perfectly in the stereotype of a sailor: Tall and powerful, with an earring, talking in his native East Frisian, he looks more like a fisherman than a gifted artist. But the external appearance is deceptive, as so often: Sensibility and keen visual perception are combined with a great influence from sea and seafaring.

Born in 1965 behind the Emsdeich in the East Frisian Village Jemgum, the navigation of small boats on the river had a great fascination for him. His father recognized the talent of the boy at an early stage and gave him a watercolor paint box, which turned out to be the foundation of his artistic career.

Andreas Kruse uses all painting techniques to show coasts, ports and delicate vessels with an almost photographic accuracy. But this would not be enough for a painter and an artist. He adds the representation of the different moods at sea, the artistic uplift of maritime details, which stimulate the imagination. The marine painting observer is able to feel the wind, the sea and the prevailing weather, and the ship is alive, and not merely an object made from steel and rope. He feels like standing on the planks of an East Frisian Port or a fishing boat.

Andreas Kruse has now completely abandoned his business career and fully dedicates his time to marine painting, with a growing success. In many exhibitions outside his East Frisian home, for example the Kiel Week, Andreas Kruse has shown that he is now among the best contemporary marine painters. The range of his work is great, from the ships of all ages, traders and German Navy on the other hand to the coasts, ports and the sea in all its moods on the other. It is hardly surprising that his works in found around the world: in museums, shipping companies, shipyards, aboard German naval vessels and in numerous private collections.







der Marinemaler Andreas Kruse